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Best Places to Visit in Maldives

  • Kudahuvadhoo Island

Kudahuvadhoo Island happens to be the capital island of Dhaalu Atoll which has got a population close to almost 3000. This place in Maldives is very much popular for its architecturally important and mysterious mounds which are referred to as habitats. These mounds date back to almost th islamic period and happen to be the runs of the excavated Buddhist Temples. The best part of visiting this place would be capturing the glimpses of the coral stone carvings and signs of the ancient masonry. Kudahuvadhoo island is also very much popular for its gorgeous clear waters which is considered best for diving. Some of the popular diving spots close to this island are Utheemu and Liffery.

  • Male

Male is one the capital city of Maldives and it is very much popular for its ancient mosques and colorful architectural marvels. Loaded with alluring natural beauty, this is one of the casual places where you can enjoy some sightseeing tours around the heritage buildings as well as indulge in some water based adventure sports. The welcoming attitude of the natives will surely make you fall in love with the place. Heading over to this place on a Maldives tour package, you will be able to taste authentic cuisines. In the evening hours, you can stroll along the surreal coastline and spend time shopping in shops and lively markets. 

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  • Hulhumale

Hulhumale is located to the South of the North Male Atoll which has got superb connectivity as the airport is close to the island. The island is spread over an area of 188 hectares which is adorned with palm trees and spectacular beaches. Heading over to this place, you will be able to enjoy a perfect blend of urban and island lifestyle. The island has been a great supporter of green architecture and during your visit, you will be able to see some of the fascinating constructions all around. This place is also very much famous for its cultural experiences. 

  • Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island is one of the most sought after island destinations that you can visit in the course of your visit to Maldives. With a total population of about 500 inhabitants, this place is very much secluded as compared to other islands. The best part of this island destination is the nature occurring phenomenon, which is known as the Sea of Stars. It attracts tourists from all corners of the world. The water of the sea starts to glow a brilliant blue color under the moonlight. Getting to see all this happen with your feet in the water, you will surely be delighted.

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Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Destination Outside India

  • Bali, Indonesia

Bali can be considered as one of the most famous islands of Indonesia that is renowned for its delectable cuisine, scenic rice terraces, and stunning coastline. Heading over to this place, you will be able to capture the scenic views of the endless coastline, notable coral ridges, cascading waterfalls and elaborate places of worship. You can choose to head out to this place for both leisurely stays as well as adventure filled vacation. 

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  • Maldives

Maldives happens to be a haven for honeymooners who love to spend time close to the beaches. Located to the south of Sri lanka, it is an archipelago of about 1193 coral islands. The islands of Maldives are occupied by a single resort in general offering luxurious stays in the water villas with glass floor bottoms. The white sandy beaches and the coral ridges will make you fall for them. Being an ideal location for honeymoons and leisure holiday vacations, you can also indulge in a wide range of adventure activities like scuba diving and snorkelling during your maldives honeymoon package

  • Switzerland

Switzerland is adorned with some of the best picturesque landscapes, expansive greenery and upscale shopping experiences. The picture perfect landscapes having medieval churches with alpine mountains in the backdrop make for a great snap. Switzerland is also very much famous for its countryside life where one can indulge in skiing, sightseeing, and indulging in traditional folk entertainment. During your visit to this place, you must make sure that you enjoy the world class opera and world class theatres. Switzerland is considered to be one of the expensive places to visit but it is indeed one of the most astounding places to visit in this world. 

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  • New Zealand

New Zealand happens to be a land of adventure that is located in the mighty Pacific Ocean. Packed with beautiful landscapes and surreal coastlines, you can take long drives and go surfing. The country is very much famous for its adventure sports activities, heritage attractions, and art galleries. You can come over to New Zealand during the summer months to relax at the beach destinations, hike to some popular landscapes and enjoy the adventure activities. New Zealand also hosts some of the popular concerts and festivals all through the year which means you will also be able to be a part of that lively atmosphere. 

  • Thailand

Thailand, the gateway to Southeast Asia, is one of the major tourist attractions that is very much well known for its cultural integrity. Dotted with some of the age old Buddhist Monasteries, alluring coral ridges, surreal beach destinations, and dense evergreen forest covers, you will be able to treat your senses with the best touring experience. Some of the popular places to visit in Thailand are Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi. A visit to Thailand is on no occasion complete without visiting Ubon Ratchathani which is one of the notable place for a historical and spiritual 

  • Malaysia

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is known for its intriguing blend of diverse wildlife, magnanimous mountain ranges, delightful culinary landscapes, diverse wildlifes, and serene rainforests. Malaysia promises you some of the great adventures below the water as well with its vivid marine life and excellent scuba diving spots. Malaysia is also very much popular for its upscale shopping destinations and delectable local cuisines that surely delights the taste buds of any traveller. 

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Cheap New Year Destinations Outside India

As the new year draws to a close, people can start making plans for a spectacular New Year celebration. If you are planning a foreign trip in the New Year 2020, then tell that during the New Year it often happens that travelers travel packages are available at very low prices, due to which they are sold very quickly. Many people are left planning only to travel abroad because they think that it costs a lot to travel abroad.

If you think that you cannot travel abroad or you may have to halt your plan for any reason then also to celebrate the new year in a happening way, you can attend some amazing new year party in Bangalore.

1. Thailand for cheap trip abroad on New Year celebration


New year can be very special for you in Thailand. Let me tell you that Thailand is probably one of the most preferred place to travel on all international new year in Asia. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this tropical tourist destination, here tourists can visit the picturesque beaches and beautiful temples.

One way flight ticket to Thailand: Rs 13000 per person (Kolkata – Bangkok)

Places to visit in Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Fei Islands, Chiang Mai and Krabi

Place to stay bangkok: Step Sathon: 1,200 per person / for one night

Atelier Suites: Rs. 1,300 per person / for one night

Travel Tips: Those who want to explore the magical beaches of southern Thailand can also book domestic flights to visit here.

2. Cambodia is a beautiful place to celebrate New Year outside India


If you are planning to travel abroad in the New Year 2020 then you would like to travel to Cambodia. The country is replete with many tourist attractions including the temples of Angkor Wat and the beaches of Sihanoukville. Cambodia is extremely popular among tourists traveling on the New Year. Explain that due to the shooting of the film “Lara Croft Tomb Rider”, it is popular among tourists. To know more about this place, you can see thrilliophilia review.

One way flight ticket to Cambodia: 8000 to 25,000 per person (Kolkata – Phnom Penh)

Places to visit in Cambodia: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Koh Rong Island

Accommodation in Cambodia Siem Reap – Accommodation In Cambodia (Siem Reap)

Firefly Guesthouse: Rs 500 per person / for one night

Oriental CM Reap: Rs 800 per person / for one night

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3. A good place to celebrate the new year in low cost ,Vietnam –


Vietnam is a good place to celebrate the new year in low-cost. The new year in Vietnam can be very memorable for you. Let me tell you that Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, where you can enjoy a peaceful journey. Tourists can visit various tourist places here, including several rivers, cavem temples, mountains and beaches.

Traveling to Vietnam is quite cheap, if you are looking for a budget trip then you should visit this country. If you are someone who wish to do something adventurous this new year , than Bali can be a perfect destination for you.

One way flight ticket to Vietnam: Starting at Rs 7000 per person (Kolkata – Ho Chi Minh)

Places to visit in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Ha Long

Stay in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City – Stay in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Inn: Rs 900 per person / per night

4. Dubai’s Best Place to Celebrate New Year Outside India –


Dubai is considered a symbol of luxury, entertainment and adventure in Asia. Dubai is the perfect place to celebrate the new year. Here you can visit many attractive places. New Year in Dubai goes to other in a very unique way. This place is popular for its adventures, nightlife, food or culture and due to this it attracts tourists from all over the world. If you want to know the first- hand experience of people who visited here , then do see thrillophilia reviews.

One way flight ticket to Dubai: Starting at Rs 14,000 per person (Mumbai – Dubai)

Places to visit in Dubai: Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Place to stay in Dubai:

Midtown Furnished Apartments: Rs 2,700 per person / per night

Ryan Hotel Sharjah: Rs 2,100 per person / for one night

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5. Sri Lanka cheap place to celebrate new year –

Sri Lanka

Traveling to Sri Lanka in the new year is a good option. Sri Lanka is a country located near India where you can do budget travel during New Year. The country is known for its attractive beaches and many natural tourist destinations. Sri Lanka, located in the south of India, is quite similar to Indian culture. The depth in the culture, diversity in the beautiful landscape and lifestyle will surprise you.

One way flight ticket to Sri Lanka: 17000 rupees per person

Places to visit in Sri Lanka: Colombo, Candy and Nuwara Eliya

Places to stop in Sri Lanka Colombo:

Mahasen by Fuzo: Rs. 1,300 per person / per night

Sweet Lanka Candy: Rs 1400 per person / for one night

China Red Manor: Rs 1400 per person / per night

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Wedding in Bali

Destination weddings are the new trend and everyone is looking for a unique destination to tie the knot at. Bali is one of those Indonesian beauties which boasts some excellent resorts with mesmerizing ocean views, cliff views, rain-forest views, etc. With offerings like it makes to be one of the best places to plan a wedding at. Some of the locations in Bali for a grand wedding are as follows:-

Kamandalu Resort


This resort is dedicated to the exotic Balinese culture and you can get married here as per the Balinese culture. Isn’t that cool and exciting? The resort is beautiful and the ceremonies held here are serene, simple yet elegant.

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Bulgari Hotel and Spa

Hotel and Spa

This resort is an amazing property for you and your guests. It is both luxurious and mesmerizing. It is nestled in Bulkit’s southern peninsula. The place features an infinity pool in the center of while lies a podium and isle. How does this sound like a place for taking your vows? It would be all magical with the feel of standing on water.

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Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran

Bali Hotel

This is another marvelous wedding destination in Bali. The fifth floor features a rooftop celebration pavilion where you can host your wedding. The place is excellently furnished and boasts wooden furnishings, an infinity pool, and sand flooring. Also checkout the Bali Trip review.

The St. Regis Bali Resort

Luxury Resort

This resort would allow you to take your vows on a sea beach facing the mighty blue ocean. The venue is both elegant and lavish. You can have your decor done in all bright tropical colors like white, green, and blue. It features a capacity of around 200 guests with pleasing facilities and you’d absolutely love to have your wedding planned here.

Wiwaha Wedding Chapel

Wedding Chapel

If having an intimate wedding is what you desire then this destination is an ideal place to pick. It is nestled conveniently on a cliff that overlooks the vast Indian Ocean and features an architecture that is a perfect fusion of traditional and modern art.

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Bali For The Adventurous Travelers!

Bali is one such travel marvel that offers so much to its guests. Whether you’re out with family or on your own or with your adventurous friends you’ll always have something or the other to indulge in while in Bali. Some of the adventures that Bali offers are as follows.

Hiking in The Mountains

bali tours

Bali is a place that doesn’t just feature marvelous beaches. It also features beautiful mountains with stunning vistas which make it an ideal trekking destination. Mount Batur is quite a popular hiking attraction and hikers head here to enjoy the sunrise. This is an active volcano hiking to which takes about 2.5 hours offering breathtaking views.
Another choice for hiking is the Bali National Park nestled on the northwest side of the island. It features a rich collection of flora and fauna. Another hiking marvel lying in the north is the Sambangan nature hike. This takes the hiker in a lush tropical jungle and lets them explore the stunning waterfalls and vast stretches of rice fields. For a day’s trekking trip one can head to Candidasa or even check out Ubud’s Campuhan Ridge Walk if you’re looking out for an easy trek.
Check the reviews of thrillophilia to get some amazing insights of this place.

Surfing on The Stunning Beaches of Bali


Bali is a renowned destination amongst surfing enthusiasts. It is a paradise for surfers. The waters feature amazing waves ideal for surfing and every surf lover explores the beaches of Bali once in a lifetime. Some of the many surfing spots in Bali include Canggu, Jimbaran, and Seminyak.
In case you’re a beginner surfer then the place to try out surfing at is Uluwatu. Here some of the best trainers are available who give out lessons regularly. Also, boats here can be rented at quite pocket-friendly prices. Concludingly, one can lavish put on at one of the lavish beachside properties and enjoy surfing each day.
Planning to book Bali tour, read Thrillophilia Bali Reviews here

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Astonishing Places to Visit Near Bali

Bali is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Indonesia. It’s ancient culture, magnificent natural backdrops, breathtaking beaches, and marvelous temples attracts several tourists each year. The local cuisine, popular nightspots, and exciting clubbing spots offer a vibrant life after sunset. There are amazing places in Bali which can take your heart with their beauty but there are some places near it, you must not miss if you are visiting there.

Get to know about Bali

Kuta and Jimbaran are some popular beach resorts offering classy surfing spots that you might wish to explore. Plus, some other towns worth exploring include Denpasar, Kuta, and Ubud which are popular for their rich cultural and historical significance. There are various choices of Bali tours which would let you explore all these marvelous cities and their top attractions.

#1 Ubud


Ubud is a paradise for tourists and one can explore age-old temples, rice terraces, lush green hillsides, and ancient majestic palaces here. The town of Ubud is renowned for its notable artistic collections as some fine artists have worked and visited the place. Boasting several cultural landmarks, galleries, and local museums, Ubud is one of the prominent places to visit in Bali. A couple of places worth visiting are Tegallalang rice terrace and Ubud Monkey Forest.

Checkout these amazing pictures of Bali

#2 Kuta


Kuta is the prominent beach destination for the tourists to unwind and relax. You can do some exciting activities like surfing, swimming, sunbathing, beach soccer, etc. on the beaches of Kuta. The main beach roads here are dotted with luxurious hotels and resorts for the convenience of the guests. Apart from this, there are various other cultural landmarks in Kuta which include village temples, Buddhist temples, Sarong show and so much more.

Indonasian Visa: How to get it

#3 Denpasar


Denpasar is another attraction of Bali boasting some attractions including various landmarks of cultural and historical significance. These landmarks include ancient temples and museums. There are also various beach resorts where one can spend luxurious time with family. The outskirts of Denpasar feature large stretches of mangrove forests and rice fields perfect places to explore for nature buffs. Some of the places worth visiting include Bali SharksEco Adventures, Sakenan Temple, Bajra Sandhi Monument, Tambangan Badung temple and others.

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#4 Jimbaran


Jimbaran is another major landmark for tourists to visit and explore. It boasts a magnificent coastline dotted with limestone cliffs which are home to some amazing surfing spots as well as reef breaks. These beaches of Jimbaran attracts ample of adventure junkies from all across the globe. Other attractions of Jimbaran include sea temples like Uluwatu Temple and cultural parks like Garuda WisnuKencana park. Additionally, some popular beaches to visit include Balangan Beach, Dreamland Beach, Bingin Beach, Green Bowl Beach, etc.

Irresistable Bali Packages to make your trip amazing

#5 Singaraja


Singaraja is a city in North Bali which imparts feels of age-old colonialism. The roads are wide and many ancient houses are built with gardens which make the city look different than the other cities of Bali. It houses the largest Chinese temple nestled in Kampung Arab. It also boasts some ancient temples, monuments, local museums for you to explore. Aling-Aling waterfall and GedongKirtya are other attractions that you might wish to explore.

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Indonesia Visa on Arrival

This topic is very important for tourists and travelers who are planning to travel to Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that lies between the Indian and Pacific oceans. This country is the largest island country in the world, the 14th largest by land and the 7th largest by sea and land area. Indonesia Visa has vast areas of forest and is rich in its biodiversity.

Along with this, there are abundant natural resources like oil and natural gas, gold, tin and copper in this country. Due to the natural beauty of Indonesia and some of the special attractions here, people from all over the world want to visit this country at least once in their lives.

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The country is a large tourist island with 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 19 others on its temporary list. Now the thing is that if you are an Indian and you have to do to get a visa to reach Indonesia. The country also offers Visa on Arrival for Indians to obtain visas. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to Indonesia Visa on Arrival.

Bali - Indonesia

1. Important Documents for Indonesia Visa on Arrival – Requirements For Indonesia Visa On Arrival In Hindi

  • If you reach Indonesia, you have to meet certain requirements to take advantage of Visa on Arrival, which we are going to tell you. To get a visa for Indonesia, you have to provide some necessary documents which are necessary to get a visa.
  • Validation of passport for Indians who want to visit Indonesia should be at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Your passport must have at least two blank pages.
  • Your return ticket from Indonesia.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds during his stay.
  • Proof of accommodation.

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2. Indonesia Visa on Arrival Fees – Indonesia Visa Fee In Indian Rupees

Indian tourists and travelers, after submitting the required documents, have to pay the visa fees taken by the authorities to avail the Visa on Arrival (VOA) facility. Citizens of India have to pay US $ 35 as the fee for Indonesia Visa on Arrival which is equivalent to 2490 rupees in Indian currency.

Bali - Indonesia

3. Indonesia Visa On Arrival Procedure (VOA) – Procedure Of Availing Indonesia Visa On Arrival (VOA) In Hindi

Visa on Arrival is one of the easiest ways for Indian citizens to obtain Indonesian visas. We have detailed this entire process below which will be of great use for those who intend to travel to Indonesia and get VOA facility.

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4. Indonesia Passenger Arrival Card

If you are an Indian citizen and want to travel to Indonesia, then tell that citizens of India are provided with a passenger arrival card in flight. If you do not get a passenger arrival card during your trip, you can get it from the Arrival Area at Indonesia Airport.

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5. Indonesia Visa on Arrival Process

After receiving the Arrival Card, you have to fill this card well before going through the Customs Passport Control. If your card is passed by customs passport control then after this you will have to pick up your salmon and then proceed through customs and bio-security check. After this, after going to the counter, you have to pay the required fee of 35 US Dollars (Rs 2490).

Once you have paid once, the authorities will provide an entry ticket on your passport, after which you will have to go to another counter to get a counterfoil visa. Then as a last step to get a visa you have to go through the immigration checkpoint and get an official entry in Indonesia.

Any Indian citizen who wants to stay in Indonesia for more than 60 days will have to apply for a different type of visa as Indonesia Visa on Arrival (VOA) is valid for a period of only 30 days. Although you can extend it for another 30 days, it would be safe for you to apply for a different visa before traveling in the country, because Indonesia does not convert Visa on Arrival to what other visa later. .

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Top 15 Phenomenal Pictures of Places to Visit in Bali

#1.Breathtaking Views at Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida

#2. Have Some Suntan at Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

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#3. Watch Chirping Birds at Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park

#4. Visit the Holy Besaikh Temple

Besaikh Temple

#5. Gaze at Beautiful Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga

#6. Play with Cute Monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest

 Ubud Monkey Forest

#7. Party at Waterbom Waterpark

Waterbom Waterpark

#8. Observe Marine Animals at Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan

#9. Get a Beautiful Experience at Elephant Safari Bali

Elephant Safari Bali

#10. Feel the Nature at Tukad Cepung

Tukad Cepung

#11. Enjoy the Dinner Cruise with Your Loved Ones

Dinner Cruise

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#12. Feel the Wind at Bali Swing

Bali Swing

#13. Breezy Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall

#14. Visit Historic Elephant Cave

Elephant Cave

#15. Capture Some Endangered Species at Bali Zoo

Bali zoo

Hope, you like these amazing pictures of Places to Visit in Bali. Comment below or any suggestions.

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Bali Tour Packages: Enjoy The Splendor of Bali in Your Budget!

Bali is a land of pearl white and sparkling sandy beaches. Rolling hills and lush greenery are add-ons to Bali’s jaw-dropping beauty.
Being religious in origin, you have a lot of spiritual centers and temples to explore in Bali. These Bali holiday packages ensure that you receive the best of all experiences for what you are investing in.
Be it either an underwater marine park or other aquatic wonders, our Bali tour packages will take sufficient care of your entertainment. Here’s what we got for you in these amazing Bali Tour Packages

4 Nights Bali Honeymoon Tour with Sunset Dinner Cruise

Bali Tour Packages

With this Bali Tour Package, you will be experiencing different sightseeing spots in Bali. The sunset dinner cruise is something we have specifically included for the new couples. Your time spent on the cruise will be wrapped with complete entertainment. Cruise food is an authentic feature of Bali’s cultural heritage, and with our Bali tour package, we ensure that you get to taste some best flavors here. This 4 nights Bali Honeymoon Tour package will charge you 16500 INR per head.       

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6 Days Tour of Kuta and Seminyak Flat 18% off

Bali Tour

Bali is a heaven for shopaholics and adventure seekers. With this 6 days tour package, you will be visiting Danu Beratan, Kuta, Tanah Lot, and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. You can plan your Bali adventure either with your friends, relatives or friends. At just 23000 INR, give us a chance to make your Bali tour experience a remarkable one.               

5 Nights Romantic Escapade to Bali with Water Activities      

Bali Tour Packages

Experiencing the significant attractions of Bali within 3 days is possible with this romantic escapade. Visiting Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Fire Dancing are amongst the main activities that we’ve planned for you in your Bali tour package. Amongst other adventurous activities, you have Jet-ski parasailing, banana boat ride, and like-minded adventurers. This package is priced at 26000 INR per adult.

6 Days Kuta and Ubud Honeymoon with Private Pool Villa

Bali Tour Packages

No wonder why people label Bali as a dream vacation destination. It is a land filled with vibrant experiences and beautiful landmarks. Tanah Lot Temple, TenjungBenoa Beach, Sunset Dinner Cruise, Water Sports, and Ulun Danu Beratan are a prime focus of this package. During your stay with us, you will be engaged in different water activities such as cruising, surfing, and parasailing. You will be paying a sum of 34000 INR per head.     

7 Days Romantic Escape to Bali with Gili Islands Stay

Tour Packages for Bali

This Bali tour package introduces you with the beaches, grand temples, and majestic waves of Bali. Traditional ceremonies, natural beauty, and terraced rice fields are amongst other sightseeing adventures of Bali. Our package is inclusive of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, Twin Lake, and other sightseeing activities. As add-on entertainment, we promise to give you the best water activity experience here. You have an excellent opportunity to indulge in a glass-bottom boat ride, banana boat ride, parasailing, and other fun beach activities. For this experience, you will be charged 45200 INR per head.

6 Nights Luxury Escape to Bali with Resort Stay

Bali Tour

Enjoy at this weekend getaway with this amazing 6 Nights Luxury Escape to Bali with Resort Stay. Your trip with us will start from Kintamani and will pass through Ubud Village, an active volcano at Mount Batur, Uluwatu temple and other tourist spots. We have reserved one day for your relaxation where you will be rejuvenating with the Balinese massage and spa therapies. Banana boat ride, parasailing, Kecak Fire Dance are some exciting activities to try. For this 6 days Bali vacation, you will be spending around 53000 INR per head.

Overnight Adventure In West Bali

Bali Tour Packages

Embark into an exciting Bali journey with the 2 days and one night trip to Bali. You will be trespassing some tropical forest covers, drive along Gilimanuk’s coastline, and riding along the muddy tracks. Blehmantung Waterfall is where you can participate in some trekking fun. Experience some scenic tourist spots of West Bali just at 24000 INR per head.

Exotic Bali Honeymoon Tour Package

At 38000 INR per head, this tour brings its exotic Bali honeymoon tour package for you. Bali Museum, Uluwatu temple, TenjungBenoa Beach, Bali Safari, Tegallalang Village are some inclusions of this package. You have the liberty to customize your Exotic Bali Honeymoon Tour Package as and when you want.

So decide fast , which tour package best suits you and meanwhile you can also take a look on TripAdvisor Reviews here.

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It’s Time to Fall in Love With Bali

Bali tops the list of Indonesia’s most luxurious and cultural cities. The city is a unique destination for all types of traveler either you are for a family trip, honeymoon trip, budget travel, luxury experience, exploration, sports stuff or spiritual pleasure. Tourists and strollers from every Variate are drawn to Bali.
You can also make a trip to any other city of Indonesia including Bali, because this place gets you free visa for a month.

The Currency of Bali Makes You Rich

bali tour

The difference between India and Indonesia currency is quite good that Indian tourists feel very rich here. The currency of Indonesia is also a rupee. It is called Indonesian Rupee. Nowadays, 100,000 Indonesian rupees are equal to 471 Indian rupees. The rupee is cheap there, everything else is expensive. There is no restriction on drinking beer publicly. Cigarettes and cigars are also consumed by many people here. The typical wine of Bali is found in Rose Flavor.

The Charming Islands

bali tour

Apart from Bali, the small islands of Indonesia are also filled with savory views. Calm and relaxed. The most special is Gili Island. It is a group of 3 islands – Gili Twangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. It takes about an hour to reach Padang Bay via speed boat. The beaches here are quite clean. Sea water is also very clean. Boat parties are the pride of here. One can spend 4-5 hours partying and having fun while walking on the boat.

Cheackout: Andaman Tour

Visit The Heart of Bali

bali tours

Kuta, Seminac and Jimbaran are famous places in South Bali. Kuta is the heart of Bali and also the center, while Seminac is the beach. There is a buzz of hi-fi restaurants and trendy fashion stores. Both places are 3 kilometers away from each other. There are many best options for spas too. To get more information about Bali ,see some thrillophilia bali reviews.

Other Destinations

Ubud, Indonesia’s savory hill station, is just 35 km from Bali on the top of the mountains. Surrounded by rice fields. The Kempuhan Ridge Walk is a walking track of about 1 kilometer, where a beautiful view of lush green forests and rice fields is seen along the way. Not only this, there is also the art, music, dance and beautiful temples in Bali.

Daily Ramayana Staged

bali tours

The pilgrimage site of Hindus is the Pura Tirata Ampul. People bathe here amidst chanting. It is believed that they wash away their sins. This holy place is about 15 km from Bali. ‘Uluvatu Temple’ is also worth seeing. Cultural program is staged here every evening at 5 pm. Ramayana is also staged daily, which can be purchased by watching tickets.

How to Reach

The air distance from Delhi to Bali is about 6,800 km. It takes about a quarter to eight hours to reach Bali by flight. There is no direct flight to Bali so one has to go via Bangkok or Singapore or via Kuala Lumpur.